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Power management for hybrid buses

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Power management for hybrid buses

  • Customer


  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Energy and Power Electronics

  • Challenge

    City transportation is rapidly evolving towards a less polluting and environmentally more sustainable model. In this context, the CAF Group is presenting hybrid electric buses focused on urban road transport, in which it is necessary to work on many aspects of the electric traction system, among which the embodied energy also stands out.

  • Solution

    This collaborative development between IKERLAN and the CAF Group optimizes the power management of hybrid buses to adapt as efficiently as possible to the orography of each city through which they must transit. Having a power generation system with storage systems allows decoupling the generation and power consumption while offering a higher performance and lower fuel consumption through an optimized management that controls the power flow in real time.

  • Customer benefits

    The fuel consumption of a hybrid bus is its key aspect. The power management developed for the CAF Group allows to optimize the operation of the generator in order to achieve greater efficiency and make optimum use of the storage space. On the other hand, the developed tools also allow to size the systems (energy storage, generator, etc.) properly to adapt itself to the requirements of each route and city in the vehicles.

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