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OPC-UA Server for wind converter controller

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OPC-UA Server for wind converter controller

  • Customer


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    Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies

  • Challenge

    Ingeteam Power Technology, leading supplier of converters for the wind energy sector, it is facing the challenge of providing a standardised connectivity solution that is robust and safe for the control systems of its wind converters. To do this, it has integrated OPC-UA technology, widely used in the industrial sector, which is being converted into one of the main standards under the Industry 4.0 paradigm. 

  • Solution

    From IKERLAN we have collaborated with Ingeteam on the development of a connectivity and monitoring solution for their wind converters controller, through the development of an OPC-UA server that integrates the data access modules, alarms, conditions and historical data. The objective is to provide access to the controller data by external clients to integrate monitoring solutions and SCADA type monitoring.  

  • Customer benefits

    Ingeteam has a connectivity solution and standardised data access system (OPC-UA) for its wind converters controller.  

    In this regard, Ingeteam goes one step further when digitising its controllers and providing its clients with standardised access to the data of its equipment.  

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