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Non-standard flange design

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Non-standard flange design

Flange design and optimisation methodology

  • Customer


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  • Lines of specialisation

    Advanced Manufacturing

  • Challenge

    ULMA Group manufactures flanges to be used later in different sectors and for different purposes. However, these flanges are not alike among them and, in addition, they have to meet different regulatory requirements depending on the area they are subsequently used.


    In this context, ULMA Group needed to have a flange manufacturing process as efficient as possible, and at the same time, that would meet all the applicable requirements for each type.

  • Solution

    Along with ULMA Group, in IK4-Ikerlan we have developed a non-standard flange optimization and design methodology where they are specifically designed for the concrete application of the working conditions: pipe dimensions of up to 3 m, high pressures, high temperatures, etc.


    The developed methodology allows for optimised dimensioning of the flanges, using analytical calculations and finite element calculations. In this way, its correct behaviour is ensured from the point of view of the structural integrity and sealing. In addition, the designs comply with the requirements of the regulations applicable to the Oil & Gas ASME VIII Div. sector. 1 and Div. 2, API 6A-17D, etc.

  • Customer benefits

    Currently, ULMA Group has a design and flange optimization tool tailored to its needs, making the process more efficient and complying with the regulations in force.

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