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Motor control for electric and hybrid buses

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Motor control for electric and hybrid buses

  • Customer


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  • Lines of specialisation

    Energy and Power Electronics

  • Challenge

    City transportation is rapidly evolving towards a less polluting and environmentally more sustainable model. In this context, the CAF Group is offering electric and hybrid buses focused on urban road transport, in which it is necessary to work on many aspects of the electric traction system, among which the engine control stands out.

  • Solution

    IKERLAN, in collaboration with the CAF Group, has developed and implemented a high-performance strategy for the electric and hybrid buses traction motors control. This strategy allows precise control of the speed and torque of the traction motors for the entire range of speeds in which the bus operates. Control has been verified by detailed simulation models and, subsequently, it has been integrated into the electronic control unit for final validation in the field.

  • Customer benefits

    Through this development, the CAF Group has a control system for electric and hybrid buses that allows it to precisely control the machines of its traction system. This control is a key aspect to guarantee the energy efficiency and high comfort of the passengers in the daily use of the buses that circulate in the cities.


Luis Mir

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Luis Mir

Power Electronics - Head of Department

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