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Large special bearings for future wind generators

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Large special bearings for future wind generators

New special bearings and integration of sensor function

  • Customer


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  • Lines of specialisation

    Mechatronics and Automation

  • Challenge

    Laulagun Bearings, dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of large special bearings and yaw rings, now faces the challenge of providing pitch and yaw systems that integrate cutting-edge technology for new wind generators bigger than 10 MW, offering reliable solutions optimal in cost and in life-cycle. 

  • Solution

    From IKERLAN, we have collaborated with Laulagun Bearings for more than 20 years on the design and development of the structural integrity of the new high capacity bearings, on test bench designs for checking and validation of the product, as well as the integration of sensor systems to add intelligence to the bearing. 

  • Customer benefits

    Thanks to collaboration with IKERLAN, Laulagun Bearing is among the major suppliers of large-sized bearings in the wind energy sector and is also a trusted supplier of the world leaders in manufacturing in the wind sector.  

    Laulagun Bearings are at the technological forefront, with patented innovative solutions, supplying bearings that meet the technological challenges demanded by the leading manufacturers, and ensuring the reliability of the component through its test benches and sensorization. 

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