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Innovative technologies for the next generation of wind generators

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Innovative technologies for the next generation of wind generators

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  • Lines of specialisation

    Mechatronics and Automation

  • Challenge

    The wind energy sector faces major challenges with regard to cost reduction, reliability, electricity grid integration and digitisation. Also, the complexity of these challenges is further compounded when it comes to conquering the oceans. 

  • Solution

    At IKERLAN, we collaborate closely with General Electric in the development of the next generation of wind turbines, while combining innovative technologies for their structural reliability, digitalisation, advanced controls and electrical systems to make these new machines even more reliable, lighter, efficient and to have better connectivity.

  • Customer benefits

    GE has positioned itself as a world leader in the manufacture of wind turbines, with a product portfolio including onshore and offshore machines, as well as offering operational and maintenance services that are renewed constantly using the cutting-edge solutions.


José Manuel Calvo

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José Manuel Calvo

Sales Manager and Public Administrations manager

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