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Electronic accelerator pedal for automotive

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Electronic accelerator pedal for automotive

Non-contact sensors to transmit driver's acceleration demands

  • Customer


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  • Lines of specialisation

    Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies

  • Challenge

    The increasing digitalisation and automation of vehicles involves replacing mechanic elements with electronic ones. Therefore, if traditionally, the automobile accelerating pedals respond to very simple mechanic logics, currently, where the motor management system is completely electric, the components working on it should be of the same nature.

  • Solution

    Within this collaboration, IKERLAN is in charge of designing and implementing non-contact sensor systems, which will inform the position of the pedal around the clock so the vehicles control system can respond accordingly.

    The project faces a double challenge in its conceptualisation. Not only does it have to comply with sector regulations, including demanding environmental, electromagnetic and safety requirements, but it should also be strong enough to absorb the variability of the manufacturing and ageing process of the pedal.

  • Customer benefits

    This development will allow BATZ to use its own accelerating pedal design and position itself as the second global supplier in the market, capable of delivering complete pedal sets, including mechanic and electric parts, to manufacturers.

    Currently, prototypes developed with different settings and sensor systems are approved through temperature, lifespan, electromagnetic and electric compatibility tests under the most demanding automotive manufacturers requirements. 


The collaboration between BATZ and IKERLAN has allowed us to design and implement a system of sensors without contact that will inform of the position of the pedal to the different systems of the vehicle in order to ensure it works correctly.

Lordi Zuazubiskar

Electronic engineer at BATZ


José Manuel Calvo

For further information,
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José Manuel Calvo

Sales Manager and Public Administrations manager

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