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Digital platform for remote monitoring of cranes

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Digital platform for remote monitoring of cranes

  • Customer

    GH Cranes & Components

  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies

  • Challenge

    IKERLAN is working with GH Cranes on the digitisation of their cranes, developing a digital platform for analysis and data storage that provides remote feedback on the status of the cranes installed at their customers' plants around the world.

    In GH, all this project has revolved around the development of a new concept: COEBOX, which will materialize all the innovation effort of the last few years.

  • Solution

    Applying the solutions of our digital platform, IKERLAN KONNEKT, we have worked with GH Cranes to connect, collate and send the information from their cranes to the cloud, using a platform adapted to their needs, which is scalable, secure and which allows large volumes of data to be processed.

    By applying the most advanced and accessible communication technologies, GH concentrates all its know-how in the CLIENT GATE tool for the integral management of a professional and competitive service.

  • Customer benefits

    The data, stored on a cloud platform, are processed to obtain historical and technical information, allowing GH Cranes to optimise crane performance and permitting predictive maintenance, improving the operation of the cranes and reducing their operating cost.

    The project, based on the digital solutions of IKERLAN KONNEKT, spans the connectivity technologies right through to the processing and visualisation of data, in order to assist GH Cranes in its competitive growth, and it represents a clear example of added value of digitization technologies in after-sales services business. GH is now ready to offer this important added value to its customers.


The project developed with IKERLAN allows us to offer a better service to our customers, thanks to the remote monitoring of the status of our cranes around the world

Eneko Ayerbe

GH Cranes & Components TI Director



For further information,
contact with...

Marco González

ICT - Head of Department

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