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Digital platform for automatic warehouse fleets

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Digital platform for automatic warehouse fleets

Monitoring and processing of warehouse data in real time

  • Customer


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  • Lines of specialisation

    Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies

  • Challenge

    ULMA Handling Systems aims to develop automation systems that maximise productivity ratios, while reducing the number of movements, transport tasks and the space required in the warehouse.

  • Solution

    With ULMA Handling Systems we have participated in the development of its new supervisor system of logistics facilities that monitors the softwarestatus in real time and sends an alarm signal in the event of incidents.

    The project works key aspects for the development of Industry 4.0 and allows to generate new facilities and cloud computing.

  • Customer benefits

    With its supervisory system and through different types of devices, ULMA Handling Systems has instant knowledge of the situation and status of each of the warehouses, regardless of the place and time of connection.

    In this way, the system also guarantees the quality and reliability of the logistics processes of its clients and can also manage them through the cloud.

    ULMA Handling Systems has incorporated this development into its facilities supervisor system to provide its customers with added value in its logistics processes and in SAT.

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