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Development of a hybrid bus

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Development of a hybrid bus

Highly customizable hybrid bus, which meets the needs of each operator for the topography of any city

  • Customer


  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Energy and Power Electronics

  • Challenge

    Transport companies, such as VECTIA, face the challenge of reducing polluting emissions and limiting the expenditure associated with the fuel of their vehicles

  • Solution

    To meet this challenge, Vectia, together with CAF Power & Automation and IK4-Ikerlan, has developed a highly customizable hybrid bus that meets the needs of each operator for the topography of any city.

    The project was about the development of a series-hybrid bus based on a multifuel-combustion engine (CNG, LPG or diesel) and an ultracapacitor bank to store electrical energy.

    We have worked on the design and development of the vehicle’s traction unit and on its energy control strategy.

  • Customer benefits

    Developed power converters, energy storage systems and their integration into a series hybrid topology allow that during the life of the vehicle the bus can be transformed easily in purely electric, at the time in which storage systems will allow to satisfy the needs of operation of cities with an acceptable economic cost.

    VECTIA has generic converters based on one and the same hardware plus centralised control capable of working as inverters, rectifiers, dc-dc converters or chargers.

    Urban vehicles have a generic traction unit and can be easily adapted to function in accordance with a mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric system.

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