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Design of power stack for 1500V storage and photovoltaic plants

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Design of power converters for 1500V photovoltaic plants

  • Customer


  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Energy and Power Electronics

  • Challenge

    Zigor's solutions include a wide range of proprietary power converters for photovoltaic application oriented to solar up to 1000 V and 1500 V maximum voltage, for the market of large solar installations. From IKERLAN we have collaborated with Zigor in the design of a new power stack to be able to respond to 1500 V storage and photovoltaic solutions.

  • Solution

    To this end, IKERLAN has worked on the development of a solution based on tri-level topology. Mainly, the technology centre has tackled the complete design of the HW of the converter power unit, as well as the team's control strategy, which has been implemented by Zigor in a proprietary control unit. The final solution designed was a converter with 333 kVA and 690 Vac@ 50 Hz output and 1500 V input voltage.

  • Customer benefits

    When the testing phase of the equipment is complete, Zigor will have the capacity to improve the offer of photovoltaic and storage converters for 1500 V solutions, adapting to the requirements demanded by the market.

    This project has been viable thanks to the funding of the Hazitek and Álava Innova programmes.

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