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Data processing of turbines using Big Data technologies

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Data processing of turbines using Big Data technologies

Development of an efficient processing system in memory

  • Customer

    NEM Solutions

  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies

  • Challenge

    NEM Solutions has a digital platform for managing predictive analytics with more than 60 000 turbines monitored world wide. In order to be able to process a similar volume of information efficiently and rapidly, the use of the latest Big Data technology is required.  

  • Solution

    From IKERLAN, we have collaborated with NEM Solutions on the development and integration of a memory-based processing system on the company's AURA platform.  

  • Customer benefits

    NEM Solutions therefore goes one step further in the capacity to process the data of the turbines efficiently and rapidly, employing the latest data technologies. This enables large amounts of data to be managed and processed in response to demands of the highest level.  

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