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Customized after-sales service for cranes

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Customized after-sales service for cranes

Maintenance plans for longer life of the cranes

  • Customer

    GH Cranes & Components

  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Mechatronics and Automation

  • Challenge

    GH Cranes & Components, manufacturer of hoists, bridge cranes and crane components, has the challenge of continuing to offer its customers an after-sales service at the highest level, integrating cutting-edge processes and maintenance plans customized to the needs of each company.

  • Solution

    The fault mode pattern that best describes the behaviour of the crane has been modeled between IKERLAN and GH, in order to develop a reliability analysis tool.The development also entails an asset management approach for a longer duration of the crane. This methodology allows GH to know the reliability of the critical components of the cranes and customize the maintenance plans according to the operational context in which it operates.

  • Customer benefits

    This development will provide GH with new customized maintenance strategies, improving efficiency and loyalty, and increasing the weight of after sales services in its total revenues.   


With the collaboration of IK4-IKERLAN, at GH we have achieved a better understanding of the behaviour of the cranes, and this will allow us to offer our customers a customized after-sales service with more added value.

Harriet Ugalde

Member of the technical department of GH


José Manuel Calvo

For further information,
contact with...

José Manuel Calvo

Sales Manager and Public Administrations manager

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