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Advanced hydraulic pitch control system

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Advanced hydraulic pitch control system

Effective and reliable hydraulic solutions

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    Mechatronics and Automation

  • Challenge

    Hine Renovables is a leading provider with over two decades of experience in the sector. It is now faced with the challenge of offering the market more efficient and reliable hydraulic systems at a lower cost. It comes at a time when wind turbines are becoming larger and more complex, where they must also be capable of operating many kilometres offshore. 

  • Solution

    At IKERLAN, we have been working alongside Hine Renovables in the design, development and validation of innovative pitch systems that have broken existing paradigms to achieve breakthrough results for the industry. These solutions have been developed with the utilisation of state-of-the-art technologies, such as physical modelling and digital twins, for the development of advanced control algorithms used to maximise the dynamic performance and efficiency of the system while also ensuring reliability at the same time. 

  • Customer benefits

    Hine Renovables offers innovative designs for optimised pitch hydraulic systems for large offshore wind turbines. A digitalised methodology is also used to provide a competitive advantage by reducing the lead times of any new developments. 

    For these reasons, Hine Renovables has become a reference supplier of high-performance hydraulic systems that offer the greatest reliability.


Aron Pujana

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Aron Pujana

Control and monitoring - Head of Department

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