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360º vision hardware to guarantee the safety of autonomous driving

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360º vision hardware to guarantee the safety of autonomous driving

  • Customer


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  • Lines of specialisation

    Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies

  • Challenge

    The automotive sector faces the technological challenge associated with a new, more sustainable, safe and connected mobility model. In this context, IKERLAN together with the multisectoral technology company IDNEO have taken an important step forward by developing hardware that will allow vehicles to perform autonomous driving functions safely.

  • Solution

    The new platform is powered by images captured by the cameras distributed throughout the car, as well as data from different sensors that provide information about the rest of the vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and road conditions. The software sends this information in real time through the vehicle's internal network, favoring immediate and safe decision-making.

    This solution is based on the latest XILINX processor (MPSoC), a technology that IKERLAN masters in detail thanks to our team of experienced engineers recognized by the American multinational.

  • Customer benefits

    This large volume of information collected by the vehicle allows the system to achieve a 360° view from a great distance, which makes it possible to perform autonomous driving functions in complete safety. This is the case, for example, of driverless taxis or home delivery without the need for a delivery person.

    This collaboration between IDNEO and IKERLAN has made it possible to jointly tackle novel and innovative applications for autonomous driving.


Functional safety has always been the hallmark of the automotive industry and it is essential to be able to adapt this premise to the revolutionary world of autonomous vehicles

Alberto Robles

Director of the Mobility Business Unit at IDNEO

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