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Publicaciones científicas


Línea de investigación



Proposal and Validation of a SOC Estimation Algorithm of LiFePO4 Battery Packs for Traction Applications

M. Garmendia, I. Gandiaga, G. Perez, U. Viscarret, I. Etxeberria-Otadui

EVS27, 17-20, November 2013, Barcelona, Spain

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Modelling of Li-ion Batteries Dynamics using Impedance Spectroscopy and Pulse Fitting: EVs Application

G. Pérez, I. Gandiaga, M. Garmendia, J.F. Reynaud, U. Viscarret

EVS27, 17-20 November 2013, Barcelona, Spain

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Thermal Modeling of Large Format Lithium Ion Cells

Nerea Nieto, Luis Díaz, Jon Gastelurrutia, Isabel Alava, Francisco Blanco, Juan Carlos Ramos, Alejandro Rivas

Journal of the Electrochemical Society, volumen 160, pp 212-217. 2013.

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Fully reconfigurable FPGA-based cognitive radio platform for reliable communications

Casado, F., et al.

In Communications Technologies and Software Defined Radio ( SDR-WInnComm), Wirelless Innovation Forum European Conference on. 2013: Munich, Germany

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Fast characterization method and error sequence analysis for narrowband indoor powerline channel

Bilbao, J., A. Calvo, and I. Armendariz

In Power Line Communications and Its Applications (ISPLC), IEEE International Symposioum on. 2013: Johannesburg. p. 309-314

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