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IK4-IKERLAN collaborates with Telefónica and Amazon Web Services to showcase the latest advances at the Mobile World Congress


The technological centre will attends the worldwide event on the mobile technology sector and will introduce a solution together with one of the most important agents in the digital sector. The solution uses mobile red identification and SIM card as massive certificate distribution enablers.



Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February 27, 2018. Representatives of the Cybersecure IoT sector from the technological centre Arrasate-Mondragón IK4-IKERLAN, gather at the leading event for the telecommunications industry, the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. At the Congress, together with Telefónica and Amazon Web Services, it will introduce an innovative solution based on SIM cards used to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to Amazon Web Services IoT (AWS IoT).

These days, at the Barcelona MWC, IK4-IKERLAN will introduce a solution developed in collaboration with Telefónica and AWS (Amazon Web Services) to safely connect Internet of Things (Iot) devices to Amazon Web Services IoT (AWS IoT). The solution simplifies the management of IoT devices safety connection to the cloud, and allows remote distribution of great scale credentials, facilitating and protecting IoT devices cloud connectivity.

The sample developed by Telefónica, Amazon and IK4-IKERLAN, can be visited until March 1 at the GSMA stand (organiser of the world main event of telecom industry), pavilion 4, Barcelona trade fair.

Through the sample, you can see the solution developed for a case of use linked to Smart City. And the connectivity solution developed by IK4-IKERLAN, allows the monitoring of power consumption using ZIV Smart Meter, IK4-IKERLAN client, and a Smart Modem allowing cyber security cloud connectivity.

IK4-IKERLAN, in collaboration with the Telefónica Eleven Paths Cyber Security Unit, has developed a software embedded in the Smart Modem managing the whole certificate supply cycle in the IoT node. This will allow to massively manage safety certificates used by IoT nodes to connect to Amazon Web Services, without previously introducing a key o credential in the device. The delivery of the certificate is based on the SIM 3GPP management standard technology, which allows the solution to be available on any Telefónica IoT SIM card.

“The technological breakthrough designed by IK4-IKERLAN, in collaboration with Telefónica, not only does it allowa faster connection, but also it does not compromise the process' security. Instead, it reinforces it using a second authentication factor, out-of-band credential management," explains Jose Bilbao, head of the IK4-IKERLAN IoT Cybersecure Specialized Team.

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