A leading knowledge transfer centre providing competitive value to companies.

IKERLAN is a Technology Centre that seeks excellence in R&D, thanks to the continuous adaptation to the needs of its customers and the proximity to the business reality (a member cooperative of the MONDRAGON Corporation). Faithful to its mission, it has been working daily since 1974 to develop solutions that allow our customers to become more and more competitive.

Thanks to a unique cooperation model, which combines technology transfer activities, internal research and training of highly qualified personnel, IKERLAN is currently the trusted technological partner of major companies in the country.

To achieve that, IKERLAN is structured in three technological specialisation units:




IKERLAN is a centre that is dynamic and open to the world. Linked to the IK4 Research Alliance, it is an accredited agent of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network. It has a major cooperation network integrated by renowned European centres and universities, with which it conducts activities of research and training of researchers.

90Client companies
18,52015 turnover in millions

Innovation to transform the economy

IK4-IKERLAN helps drive the economy. To achieve this, we must be leading edge players as regards knowledge and the capacity to transfer it.

We partner our clients in R&D&I projects, providing solutions that help create new or renewed products and processes.

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We have a firm commitment to investing in our own research. This allows us to develop knowledge and technologies that contribute to successfully addressing our clients’ challenges.

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